Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Day in the Life: February 2015

As much as I would like to do one of these posts every month it can sometimes be hard for me to find time. My last "Day in the Life" was posted back in December. I had planned on doing one in January since I had a lot going on but I never got the chance.

So this month was somewhat crazy! I went back to school toward the end of January and ever since then I have been quite busy. I normally find myself spending way to much time in the library and meeting with professors. Since it is the second semester of my Junior year, I have been working so hard to get my GPA really high as well as setting up my portfolio for this Summer when I take on an internship. Last semester was one of the best semesters I've had (All A's and B's) so I plan on making this semester just as good if not better! I would love to talk more about what a normal day in college looks like for me, so if you would like me to talk about it in a separate blog post I will!

Also, can we take a minute to discuss how adorable this mug is! "Born Free Now I'm Expensive", sounds like me..... :) I found this mug at T.J. Maxx and when I saw it I knew I had to have it! It is a huge mug which is nice because I am addicted to coffee! I drink at least 2 cups a day! And of course, you gotta have your classic oatmeal with strawberries, my go-to breakfast. 

When I'm making breakfast in the morning, sometimes I get sidetracked. On this particular morning I opened up my koozie drawer and realized it was a disaster so I fixed it up and made it a bit more organized. You can never have too many koozies! 

When I got home after a long day of classes I walked into my room to find a little present waiting for me on my bed. My wonderful boyfriend (Shawn) bought me the Lilly Pulitzer scarf that I have been wanting for the longest time. It was kind of a late birthday present since he never got the chance to get me one on my birthday because of the awful weather here! When I saw this scarf I just about died. It is the Florida state scarf from Lilly Pulitzer and if you all don't already know. I grew up in Florida so I consider it my home. I miss it every single day, I wanted to go and visit this Summer but it's a little too expensive. Florida is where  all my happiest memories lie. I plan on moving back once I graduate! (Fingers crossed I make it happen!)

Later that evening, Shawn and I went to Target to pick up a few things for our upcoming trip to South Carolina. We are heading to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break this year and I could not be more excited since I have never been there before! As you can see he bought a new suitcase and I managed to slip in some Valentine's Day goodies. :)

After our little shopping trip we came back to my place and I made some dinner for Shawn and Chelsea. One of our favorite dishes ever! I found this recipe on Taralynn McNitt's blog a couple months ago and ever since then I have been addicted to it. 

I plan on posting a couple more blog posts this week so keep a look out for those! I really enjoy blogging, it keeps me busy. If you have something exciting to share from January or February leave it as a comment down below!

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